• we reuse ❤︎ your CUP

    In cooperation with @La Maison, one of my favorite cafés in Berlin @ Paul-Linke-Ufer, we reuse the coffee cups and plant tomato-, paprika-, pepperoni- and strawberry plants in it.

  • handmade ❤︎ label design

    Every label is ❤︎ unique. They come in different colors and designs. More actual design posts on instagram @risingpachamama

  • Tomato ❤︎ gifts are delicious

    We had an adorable afternoon yesterday at the corner Paul-Lincke-Ufer / Forster Straße - Berlin Kreuzberg selling our tomatoes ❤︎ Big thanks to all the customers, who support our projects.

  • Leave a sign for our environment ❤︎

    When I bought my Christmas tree this winter, I decided to buy one with ROOTS and PLANT it after in a little piece of earth on the sidewalk in the city. It's such a beautiful present passing this little arrangement…

  • Choose your piece ❤︎ of earth

    City’s are waiting for you to become more green and colorful. So many surfaces on the sidewalk are just filled up with earth or there is growing grass.